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White, Indigenous, Hippie, Druid, recovering from Kundalini syndrome. Expressing love, honesty and truth through digital and physical art.

the Creator of all that is, choose to manifest itself as the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, Yin and Yang.

To Create its cosmic story, in all its glory, It Created this Universe. Sophia, lovingly known as Momma Sophia, Divine Feminine aspect of the Creator, lowered herself and manifested, what is known as Gaea Mother Earth.

Within the Bosom and Belly of Momma Sophia, the Creator of all that is, Started as the seed, as the yolk of the egg. It surrounded itself in darkness, in chaos. As it grew and struggled, it manifested DISTORTED aspects of itself. One aspect is known as the Patriotic religions. Another is the subjectualization of the Divine Feminine, in its many forms. The Creator is now starting to merge from within the egg, as the fetus is now formed, to walk among the beauty, the holiness of the Divine Feminine. Thus, it is now time to bring forth the Divine Feminine within you. Make no mistake, all who read. It is the Divine Feminine, that is the strongest of the two.

This website was created to bring more awareness to society, on the importance of the Divine Feminine. Being a Druid, worshiping the Goddess within all living things, is a passion within me. Another is Technology. My heart, my soul has directed me to merge both of these passion into the lovely aspect known as NFTart! I have created many different NFTs. There are 2 main themes. The first, is to bring inspiration to all the budding and established Goddesses out there, by creating NFT Trading cards with powerful true quotes for deeper reflection. The second, is to bring the knowingness that Magic is coming back. For “Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.” – Arthur C. Clarke

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